(Don't) Believe What You Know
(Don't) Believe What You Know kudou shinichi  stories

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(Don't) Believe What You Know

Reflecting back on it, it was a bit hard to pinpoint exactly

all of this began.

Hattori Heiji, Conan thought, was honest to a fault. That was both a positive and a negative, depending on what you needed him to do for you.

If you needed him to keep a secret, it was most definitely a negative. If you wanted someone you could trust with your biggest, most dangerous secret, it was definitely a positive.

It was no exaggeration to say that Conan trusted Heiji with his life.

Considering the nature of his secret, the Osakan high school detective was essentially carrying his life in his hands every single day. And while he might bumble names, Heiji would never

expose Conan's secret.

Edogawa Conan- no,

, trusted him explicitly, beyond a shadow of doubt.

And that was exactly the reason he hated having to suspect him of anything, much less of keeping secrets from him- important secrets.

Because as it turned out, just because one was honest to a fault, and was terrible at lying,

that didn't mean that they couldn't lie and it most decidedly didn't mean that they couldn't keep secrets of their own.

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