Don't Ask
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A work by urbanmuzes (notenuffcaffeine) adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Don't Ask

Rick Martinez had to hurry his steps up some, annoyed that the two men had such long strides.

Casey Malick was right, their two much taller team mates could, when they wanted to, make it exceptionally difficult for a short man to keep up with them.

The team leader, Michael Dorset, was not exceptionally tall at 5'11”, and while Billy Collins was arguably exceptionally tall at a couple of inches higher up in the world than Michael,

both men were a lot taller than Rick and Casey's five-and-a-half frames.

Usually it was Casey who stayed between the other two, allowing Rick to trail along trying to keep up with the men that seemed to stride through the halls with such confidence.

Today, however, Casey was feeling the sores of his last fight, so it was up to Rick to stay in step with their team mates.

And Rick was really starting to doubt the reasoning for why exactly that had to be. There was no longer any doubt that the two men had intentionally sped up their steps, either.

Both Michael and Billy were walking in full stride and Rick was out of breath and no longer even sure where they were going.

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