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They told horror stories about Respawn.

It was supposed to be a new technology to save lives,

but just months after its installation the men stationed at The Well felt like guinea pigs with a Russian roulette gun pointed at their temples.

Some people got sick from Respawn, the shakes, night terrors, seizures.  At the same time, some remained unaffected; fresh as daisies when the machine spit them out.  It seemed quite ‘choosy’.

The worst, of course, was that sometimes it did the very opposite of what it was designed to do – it could kill you.

People had been fried by Respawn if they went through too many times in a week, or if the power levels dipped too low, or your Respawn was after hours, any number of factors...

The Respawn machine was indeed a fickle mistress.

That was why the mercenaries actually gave two shits about calling for a medic. The medigun could heal you up in a jiffy, giving you one less pull of the trigger with Respawn Russian roulette.

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