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A work by recurringdreams adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It was early, and I hated to wake Connor up at a time where he’d be exhausted before half past four,

but the clamour of technical crews in the living room were more than enough to give me a headache, let alone wake him from his sleep.

He wiggled his feet as he sought purchase against me, climbing heavily out of the high chair we’d sat him in for breakfast,

finally settling both on one of my hips and making grabby-hands towards his daddy, who was settled against the breakfast bar, chewing thoughtfully on some toast.

“Daddy!” He squeaked, and Ben turned automatically, his expression shifting from a static,

style smile, to a big, elastic grin as he set his toast down and tugged him into his arms.

“Got him?” I murmured, leaning gently into his side.

“Mmhm.” Ben kissed my temple and patted Connor’s back, bouncing him gently on his hip as he pressed a kiss to his temple too. “I’ve got my big man, haven’t I, hmm?”

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