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short story by tritan adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It was a familiar sight by now. Ten or so boys gathered impatiently in the front courtyard wearing protective gear. They stood there tall, ready for battle.

They knew that this could very easily go so very badly for them, they knew that their chances of success were slim to none. But they had to try. Such was their devotion.

Such was their love (though that was merely the way they justified it to themselves. Lust was the true emotion driving them each day into this rather foolish action).

It was a smaller crowd than it had been when this had all started, numbers seeming to dwindle daily. By now there were only the most determined left.

"She's coming!" one yelled, and as one they braced for impact. Just down the street a dust cloud was gathering.

At the centre of it was the girl barelling towards them, long blue hair trailing behind her. It was almost time for battle.

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