Doing It All Over Again- Big Time Rush
Doing It All Over Again- Big Time Rush logan henderson stories

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Doing It All Over Again- Big Time Rush

Kendall has been having a blast with Heffron Drive.

After they decided to take a break from Big Time Rush, he went home to Kansas, back to his family just to relax for a while before he jumped back into Heffron Drive with Dustin.


When he landed in Wichita, Kendall took a rental car and drove to his parent’s house. When he got thee he was met with a big surprise.

His entire family, grandparents were all gathered at his house for a big welcome home party. He was excited to see all of his family and it made coming back home that much better.

He enjoyed it so much.

He spent time with his parents and with his brothers. He spent a lot of time with his brothers going to places where they use to hangout when they were younger, reliving the good old days.

He was able to just rest and relax which did him wonders and he was also able to re-unite with a few of his old friends.

He went to every family event that was held because he wanted to experience what it felt like being around his family again and he loved every second of it.

He spent a lot of time at his grandparent’s house too.

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