Doing Funny
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Doing Funny

Esca is funny. He knows he's funny. Being funny is his 'thing'. It's what stopped him getting beaten up at school, even though he was shorter than the other kids, and had an accent.

It's what meant he was never short of girlfriends. Well, that was until he realised he wasn't that interested in girlfriends. It's what earns him his bloody living.

OK, so, not everyone's going to like his style of stand up, his particular brand of humour, and that's fine. Esca can deal with that. But in real life, on a one to one basis, well... Esca is

. All of his friends think he's funny.

When they're describing him to someone else, a mutual acquaintance, someone he's perhaps met for five minutes at a party, they say: "you know, the funny one".

And then everyone knows they're talking about Esca. Because he's

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