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Doctor's Thoughts

David found it quite romantic how Gareth had joined the relationship of John and Scott. But he also found it a tad bit heartbreaking.

He could still remember being awoken by the pounding of a fist on his door and upon opening it, he had found John.

From what he had managed to get from the frantic man- Gareth had kissed him and he'd felt the overwhelming urge to kiss back and as he hadn't wanted to break his vows with Scott- John

had pushed Gareth away from him and yelled at him.

According to John, when he'd realized that he'd told Gareth that no one could ever love him- he'd tried to talk to him but he'd already ran.

Even now, David still felt the bitter resentment that he'd felt for John at that moment.

Here was John with a gorgeous, honest and caring Welshman wanting to be with him while David was going through a rocky chapter in his relationship.

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