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Doctor's Choice

Dr. Maura Isles stood looking down at the body on the table. For the first time since she became a medical examiner she struggled with the need to do an autopsy.

Pain and loss crossed her face for a brief moment at the untimely death of such a beautiful child of eight years old.

She has always been able to separate her emotions from situations about the deaths of her patients.

This was her first case pertaining to a child since she became the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and she is showing emotions before an autopsy.

She told herself as she tried to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes.

She stood up straight and took a deep breath letting it slowly out to shake off the emotions rolling through her body.

She mentally told herself.

Maura reached over and clicked on the recorder and began to speak. “Subject is approximately eight years old, seventy eight pounds, blond hair, and blue eyes.

Autopsy begins at 4:28 PM Thursday, March 2, 2009 by Dr. Maura Isles, Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

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