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Doctor Vs Doctor

"Urologists are funny." Dr. Elle (

) brought up as they were talking about the urologist that recently resigned; at the doctor's lounge with the other doctors.

Dr. Bialik (

) chuckled. "She thinks this facility can't go on without her. I mean what is she even? Urologist?" She ridiculed.

Dr. Parsons (

) glared at Mayim being the only urologist present in the lounge. "Okay. What do you mean by that?" He asked.

She suddenly recalled that he was actually the excelling urologist in the hospital but she didn't feel sorry about what she said as she was never impressed by urologists.

"What can urologists do that gynecologists can't?" She countered with a question. The other doctors remained to keep quiet.

Jim made a side smile in thrill with Mayim's daring voice. "Our specialization lies within the urethra, kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections, diseases, illnsses and complications.

Yours are all about the reproductive system." He explained.

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