Do You Want To Be With Somebody Like Me?
Do You Want To Be With Somebody Like Me? sharing a bed stories

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Do You Want To Be With Somebody Like Me?

“It's a matter of national security,” Mycroft said, looking at his brother. “And seeing as how Moriarty's reappearance has earned you only a

reprieve from the repercussions of your actions regarding Magnussen, I would suggest you accept this request and do as Her Majesty commands.” He folded his hands on his desk.

“It is the only way I can think of for you to sufficiently make up for the problems you caused on Christmas Day, and then, when this business with Moriarty is all over,

the government will consider your punishment fulfilled.”

Sherlock didn't look up at his brother, instead flipping through the rather thick file he had been handed upon entering the office. Apparently Moriarty's right hand man had not actually

in custody after the incident with the bomb on the train, and now he was in the wind.

The fact that no one was entirely sure whether Moriarty's video message was the truth or an elaborate hoax meant that the disappearance of Sebastian Moran had to be taken very seriously.

He flipped by one page and then paused, flipping back to it and reading it again.

“There is no woman on the face of the earth who will agree to help me with this,” he said, snapping the file shut and looking up at his brother with wide eyes.

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