Do you see me..?
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Do you see me..?

Akira had to get away. He didn't want this anymore. Those eyes that seemed to follow only him but in reality were only looking at Ryuuko.

Those confessions of love ending with his name but were never meant for him.

Why did the Shin even say his name? Why not just say 'Ryuuko' openly, or at least no name at all?

If he would have done that, the younger one was sure he would never be in this emotional chaos he was in now.

He hated Shirogane for it.

He loved Shirogane despite it.

All those eyes he thought were looking at him - Kounii as well - were only looking at Ryuuko.

Akira really had to look similar to him, the others wouldn't have found out by just one glance otherwise. Shirogane wouldn't act the way he did otherwise.

He was sure, if they wouldn't look alike - maybe even act alike - the older Shin could hold himself back better.

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