Do you remember me?
Do you remember me? male slash stories

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Do you remember me?

Harry was sitting in the Headmaster's office listening to the man drone on when he was finally done Harry looked up. "Let me get this straight, I have to bond with Snape."

"Professor Snape, and yes, we need his help and you are the price he wants. He will be in charge of the relationship as he will be considered your Master.

" Dumbledore's eyes were twinkling, and his hands were petting his beard.

"So you are selling me to him so that he will keep spying on Voldemort?" Harry couldn't believe that this was the man of light? This was the man who wanted to lead them away from the dark.

What drug was the man taking?

"We aren't selling you. We need his help, and you will be able to access his magic and use that to help you kill Tom."

"Yet, the title of Master is in there. If I say no?" How delusional could a person be? Master implied ownership.

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