Do You Know About Lions, Daddy?
Do You Know About Lions, Daddy? min (jekyll) stories

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Do You Know About Lions, Daddy?

Overwhelmed with the new sensations, I stretched out my hands to see a blanket of hair where smooth skin was supposed to be. I touched my face, rid of the lines of age and experience.

My body has become lean, but I feel strength within its muscles, like I could leap over man or climb buildings with no trouble, without help from any kind of machinery.

The images running in my mind were those most gentlemen keep only to themselves, for it is a debauchery that is most frowned upon,

most especially because it is coming from a man of my stature and influence.

But then, now, I am not that man. I have shed my skin to reveal a layer that I have hidden from society for a long time. I am both hiding and yet revealed.

The sun was going to rise soon and the servants will wake from their slumber. I had but a few moments with my new shape.

And so while it was still dark, I ventured out to the yard where the darkness and the cold enveloped me, and the stars looked down upon me.

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