Do You Hide From The Truth?
Do You Hide From The Truth? willow rosenberg stories

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Do You Hide From The Truth?

Brave eyes. A warrior charging into a futile and unwinnable battle. One last declaration of a dying human who was so much more than their pitiful species could have ever hoped to create. Shaw.

No, Wesley. Sameen. Wes. Sam? Wes? It did not matter. She is going to be gone forever, just like him.

And it is that thought which changes the world forever in a way which neither the Machine nor Samaritan could have ever anticipated.

In an elevator below the New York Stock Exchange,

a scream of grief and loss turns into one of agonizing pain of a different kind as the hacker known as Root begins to have what seems to be a seizure.

Her friends, though only one would dare to use the term, watched in confusion and horror as her body began to tremble and seize.

"Ms.Groves?" the man known as Harold Finch ventured as the girl's body stilled, his hand poised to help while still maintaining a cautious distance.

The three men shifted back as far as they could in the small room as dark blue began to spread underneath Root's skin.

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