Do We Need This Madness? (Yes, yes we do)
Do We Need This Madness? (Yes, yes we do) pasta stories

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A fan work by cherrylng adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Do We Need This Madness? (Yes, yes we do)

(Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, 25 June 2002)

“Where the fuck is Chris?” Guy asks, frowning as they hear the chatter and growing excitement from the audience. “He’s usually never this late when the show is about to start.”

Jonny shrugs. “Last I saw him was when Phil said that someone has come to see him.”

“Ah, that someone might be Matty. His boyfriend of almost a year now,” Will explains with a knowing smirk and nod.

“So who’s going to find him and tell him that we’re about to go on stage?” Jonny asks.

When the bassist and drummer turned silent and pretended to look at other things that suddenly seemed interesting, Jonny rolls his eyes. “Fine, I’ll drag him back, you twats.”

Once Jonny is gone, Will lets out a sigh of relief. “Thank god we don’t have to go.”

“Why didn’t you volunteer to go?”

“Why didn’t

?” the drummer counters back.

“...Touché,” Guy concedes. “So why don’t you want to go anyways?”

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