Do Not Go Gentle
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Do Not Go Gentle

I was born twice: Once, as a baby girl on an unremarkably rainy Massachusetts day in July of 2050, and again as as adult woman in the wake of nuclear war.

The day started off so simple; Really, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing supernatural or strange. Only looking back on it did I realize something was wrong.

Maybe I should have paid more attention to the television broadcasts those moments before.

Or maybe I should've noticed why the Vault-Tec representative was pushing us so hard to reserve our spot in the Vault. Whatever it was, it didn't stop the bombs from falling. And they

I found it amazing, when it came down to it, how few things were worth taking when the sirens rang and the television stopped broadcasting.

Shaun and Nate were all that mattered, maybe they were all that


We ran. I've never ran that fast in my life, with Shaun tucked into my arm and Nate pulling my free hand up, up, up that hill. I took a moment, only a second to look back at our house.

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