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Sometimes he hates his family. Other times he loves them. No matter what, they are something to be escaped. He and Mycroft are rivals.

Once, when he is 10, he meets an actor, named Alistair. The two are fast friends.

Sometimes he goes to Cambridge, sometimes he is at Oxford. Either way, he meets Victor Trevor. Sometimes Trevor's dog bites him and it's serious. Other times, it isn't.

Sometimes, Sherlock Holmes finds drugs in uni. Sometimes he doesn't.

Sometimes, Victor kills himself before Sherlock Holmes leaves uni after two years. Sometimes Victor lives longer.

Sometimes those two years of uni become four and he stays the course and graduates. Once, there's a prat name Sebastian, of whom Sherlock Holmes isn't a fan.

Sometimes, when Victor lives past uni, they stay in sporadic contact. Sometimes they don't. Often, Victor dies later, whichever path of contact the two have.

There are plenty of paths where Sherlock Holmes' years before the age of 28 are marked with copious drug abuse, occasionally overdoses.

There are times where he is sent to rehab; there are times when he cannot be sent to rehab.

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