Divisionfell- indefiniate hiatius
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Divisionfell- indefiniate hiatius

Pain so much pain. It felt as if my wings had been ripped off. Well thats close enough, I had a giant hole in my right wing where someone had thrown a fireball through it.

Let me start from the beginning. Im Shaddowdagger, but my friends call me Shade (well they would, if i had any) and today started off as any normal day.

I live in the upperground, where all the monsters with wings live, I'm a dragon you see.

Monsters are classed by race here in the underground and while dragons are good fighters, we tend to mess everything else up, well we would if I weren't one of the last dragons left.

Most monsters see dragons as a threat. Especially one, I haven't met the man, but he hates dragons. So he hired bounty hunters to eradicate us. Luckily as I said were good at fighting.

the plan was to get me out of the upperground and alone. Well, they suceeded, they chased me out of the upperground and grounded me. Which brings us back to now.

Me falling twords the ground with a hole in my wing.

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