Diving in
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A fan work by pairatime posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Diving in

Phillip swung the blessed iron fireplace poker when he spotted the blur of the dark spirit move his way.

When the poke stop, vibrating with a solid meaty smack, rather then passing through and dispelling the evil monster as he had expected it caught him off guard and he didn’t, could,

pull the metal back fast enough.

He saw the claw descending.

Then he saw Nick, his own blessed iron weapon striking the dark spirit, deflecting the blow from Phillip as the ex-Seal shoved the monster away, taking the poker with it.

“The Sun Nick. Use the window and get it into the light,” Derek cried out as he lashed out as well, trying to coral it toward the boarded up windows.

The spirit tried to flee, casting about with its claws and dark waves of evil energy as he tried to get away from the two men. Finally in rage it dashed toward the almost weapons less Phillip.

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