Divided Loyalties
Divided Loyalties danny wilde stories

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Divided Loyalties

After the microfilm was safely destroyed and Brett and Danny were safely back at the mansion, Brett wanted some answers and was bound and determined to get them.

"Daniel," he said as they reclined in the drawing room with a crackling fire and a purring cat, "did you know that I'd been recruited to get that microfilm for the British?"

Danny suddenly found it very interesting to look down and pet the cat. "Why would you ask that, Your Lordship?"

"Because of your behavior when I first arrived," Brett replied.

"Granted, your behavior often is odd, but it's even more overbearing when you either want something from me or are trying to put one over on me."

Danny looked up again with a start. "You know, I could turn that question around and ask you," he said. "Did you know that I'd been hired to get the film for the Americans?"

"No," Brett said matter-of-factly.

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