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Disney Sex Magic

“Tony, something’s glowing,” Pepper said. “I worry when things glow.”

Tony made a ‘pshaw’ noise like it was his ringtone.

There wasn’t much that could get him to pay extended attention to a monitor—except caffeine, and that was a factor too—but right now, he was engrossed in the scans he was getting. “Relax, Pep.

Just a tiny little Infinity Stone.”

“Infinity Stone.” Pepper stared at the glowing object that had become the centerpiece of Tony’s lab, muffled as it was by transparent shielding and diagnostic equipment. “Like the Tesseract.

Or Loki’s Scepter.”

“Or the Aether,” Tony said. “Thor found that one.”

“So, one of the things that glows and helps bad guys try to destroy the world, then.”

Tony snapped his fingers, “is actually exactly what we’re all about today. I’m gonna need that ham sandwich.”

Pepper looked to Tony’s left, seeing a sandwich planted out of his reach. With a long-suffering sigh she went to him, licked the sandwich, then pushed it into his range.

Without looking, he scooped it up and took a bite. Then talked with his mouth full.

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