Disjointed Family
Disjointed Family secret six stories

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short story by cavannarose adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Disjointed Family

They called him perverted. They called him a freak... They weren't wrong.

But really, what could one expect? His father used his triple-jointed nature to crawl into a giant doll's costume and commit larcenous acts. His sister...

Well it was best not to dwell too much on poor, poor Alex.

Poor Peter Jr was a bit of a disappointment though. Not even double jointed! The horror! Luckily, modern medicine had plenty to solve his issues...

If by modern you meant some poor sucker in a basement with a hacksaw, some ball bearings and a dime store sewing kit. The result wasn't beautiful, but it was pure. 360 degree maneuverability.

Not even Dear Old Dad could boast that.

Peter had a flair for the dramatic. His costume had to be colourful, to match his nature... one would assume. Sometimes he saw the world a little differently though. It seemed to...

distress people.

He'd removed the one thing that seemed to fill his head with dirty, dirty thoughts, an act that caused even some of the most insane criminals he'd encountered to shudder,

but it meant very little to him. It hadn't made the dirty thoughts go away though... It had merely redirected them slightly...

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