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fanfic by russian_fic_store adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


“Ramy, whatcha jeering at? Found a Betan dollar or something? Spend it on booze right away, shall we?”

Ramy Tolinny walked up to the bar, spoke to the bartender and returned, waving a chilled bottle – wiping the hoarfrost off, he demonstrated the label and set the bottle on the table,

along with a couple of shot glasses.

“A dollar, right,” said he a tone lower, “Zev, what I found is… a new tunnel! You’re the first to hear that, friend.”

“Would you just shut up, Ramy. A new tunnel, like, right from this restroom.”

“Believe or not...”

“Not, I do not. Go tell that to the pilots club. Anyway, here’s to you.”

Hands folded over his breast, Ramy turned to face Zev.

“Where do you think Lior’s telling tales now? Yes, at the pilots club, trying to describe what rainbow color she turned into!”

“Ramy? Ramy, why the hell… you just up and entered a tunnel you found? Who do you think you are - Betan Astronomical Survey?”

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