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A story by darkestdarkness posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Technically, there had never been much hiding her perfect proportions from your eyes,

yet the sudden sensation of foreign proximity forced a haunting blush on your cheeks as her sculptured body pressed against yours.

The otherworldly softness and warmth of her thigh lodged firmly between your legs warped your perception into a blissful blur.

You tossed your head back from the delightful friction against your core, casting away any defense and granting her access to even more of you.

Her lips assaulted your neck without hesitation – nibbling, biting, caressing, and licking the vulnerable skin determinedly.

Your hands gently slid from her defined shoulders, down over the valleys of her collar bones, and to the mountains of her breasts, a soft squeeze earning a low moan,

muffled only by your own skin.

Her own fingers slipped down from your hips to your waist and further to your bottom,

squeezing the heavenly flesh and holding you firmly in place as the scorching flames of desire burned your senses with every rub of her thigh between your legs.

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