Disappointments are part of life.
Disappointments are part of life. sad stories

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I think there is a reason why life is never constant. We are always tested in terms of our skills, talents, social
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Disappointments are part of life.

by massivelynerdygirl

I think there is a reason why life is

never constant. We are always tested in terms of our skills, talents, social

etiquette and actions in multiple scenarios. I have always known that I am a

reasonably nice person, however I have a fragile heart. These character traits

were an obvious path towards disaster. I always expected people to treat me

with the same courtesy that I showed to them. When I realised that in actual

fact, that is not how people operate, I began to become more conscious of whom

I associated myself. It was rather difficult though being unresponsive or rude

to someone who was being nice towards me. I recently encountered a situation

where friendships were not what I had expected. I had put myself out there and

reciprocated kindness shown to me by others. However this did not last long on

their part. I ended up being in an environment where I felt isolated and alone.

In this state of loneliness I began to assess the people around me and noticed

that everyone was in a click in which they were clearly in tight

union-ship.This left me questioning where I fitted in, whom my friends were,

where the people who cared for me and my general well-being were.  That’s

when it was evident that the people I was searching for, were not in that crowd

at all… I realise now that I need to just fend off for myself and work

towards making my life a better, enjoyable journey for myself and not for

others. I need to place my emotions first and build my OWN happiness. I aim to

live for myself, do for myself and focus on myself. God is the centre of my

life and everything happens for a reason. Disappointments are part of life and

that’s okay. Not everyone will add positive fruitfulness in your life and

that’s okay as well. Just know who those people who do are and learn to embrace

them. Life is a journey worth living in love, joyfulness and faith in God. . .

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