Dirty Love
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A fiction by artificial_ink adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Dirty Love

They’d been put on lockdown after Jane threw a fit when she saw the news footage of New York.

Confirming Darcy’s suspicion this whole time, Jackbooted Thugs Tweedledee and Tweedledum were actually SHIELD and

nosey Tromso Laboratory for Astrophysics security guards. If their clearly American accents hadn’t been a tip off, Darcy noticed that neither one of them spoke any Norwegian this whole time.

It was also weird that the observatory had a special resident wing so you didn’t have to actually go out into the world and see newspaper headlines or news footage.

Everything stank of SHIELD and Darcy did not like.

So, she and Jane decided to sneak out to the airport every chance they got and they surprisingly got a lot of chances, given Rumlow and Rollins were supposedly ‘elite agents’.

Still, the guys always did catch them right before they reached the final leg of the airport journey so some kudos to them.

According to Rollins, Darcy was some hacker witch ninja and she guessed she kind of was, given the fact she’d been the one to plan out all their escapes.

He bitched about it numerous times when taking the ladies back while Rumlow stayed silent.

Though every time Rumlow grabbed Darcy just as she was making a mad dash,

she couldn’t help but notice the smallest of smiles on his face or the way he held her just a tad tighter than he needed to.

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