Dino Bites
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Dino Bites

It’s funny how trying to stop the pain, to stop the crying and the emptiness, only causes more, Connor thinks watching the blood flow from his arm.

It’s a dark red that slowly slides down the side of it and he watches it avidly, like one would watch a football game on the telly. It burns and stings and yet it’s numb at the same time.

It hurts because he can think and gods he hates thinking now with the pain meds slowing down each thought.

There’s no one here to stop the bleeding, no one to wrap it up, to move him on to his side and force him to throw up the many, many different pain medications he taken.

Because Tom, funny, tall Tom is dead and Duncan hates him. The two people who always helped keep him steady are gone from his life, one permanently and it’s all his fault.

He deserves to die,

he deserves to die in the most painful way imaginable but those ways aren’t easy; the others would try to save him from the meat eating dinosaurs and then the dino would die and he’d

have another innocent’s blood on his hands. So this is the way it has to be. He’s alone in Abby’s flat, she had to go back to work there was an emergency.

And so she left, saying goodbye to Rex and reminding Connor not to make a mess. He won’t make a mess, he made sure to lie down some plastic baggies to catch the blood from his arms.

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