Different Arrangement
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Different Arrangement

Namjoon felt different when heard his phone ring inside his pocket. He dig it out. Lines suddenly forming in his forehead when he saw the caller i.d. in the screen.

He said in his mind. He just sigh and answer the call. "What is it dad?" his voice sound so bored and uninterested.

"Hello to you too son." Namjoon feel really irritated with his dad's sarcasm.

"Stop it Dad. Say what you want. I still have my paper works." he's walking through the hallway to reach the parking lot where he parked his car.

"Manners Namjoon." he knows that his dad doesn't like this type of attitude Namjoon's showing to him. "Okay dad.

say it." Namjoon said with his insincere politeness.

"You need to be here on Friday. We need to say something important. And don't try to make any excuses Joonie." the irritation was replaced by anger.

He knows that he will never win to his dad when he use this tone of his voice. He slammed his car door that caused a loud noise in the empty and quiet paking lot.

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