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Dietro Il Velo

Warm Tuscan air caresses Bedelia’s face as she’s standing on the balcony of their Florentine apartment enjoying the sun and the view of the city below.

“Spring has came early this year” she says as Hannibal joins her and stands behind her.

“Ancient Greeks believed the beginning of spring marks the return of Persephone to Earth. I suppose she wants to leave the Underworld untimely this year” he asserts.

“ A kidnapped woman deceived into staying with her captor. Hardly a story for the modern times” she retorts, irritated with his thinly veiled metaphor.

Hannibal nods, “You are correct. I, however, have always read it differently.”

Bedelia gives him an incredulous look.

“Hades didn’t kidnap Persephone. He didn’t need to. She knew. She knew what he would do and she wanted him to do it. Hades was simply a means to an end.

” There is genuine sadness in his eyes which takes her by surprise.

“A modern tale for a modern day. Yet even this version treats Persephone unfairly.”

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