Did We... (An Inglourious Basterds Fanfic)
Did We... (An Inglourious Basterds Fanfic) smithson utivich stories

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A fanfic by hipbonesofchrist posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Did We... (An Inglourious Basterds Fanfic)

Donnie Donowitz awoke in a soft, if somewhat scratchy, bed, light just starting to shine through the undraped windows.

He was covered in two sheets, wearing nothing but his underwear and a stained wifebeater.

He took a deep breath and tried to roll over, much to his surprise when he hit another living, breathing thing, which grunted irritably.

"Fuck!" Donny was so startled he fell out of bed, landing on yet another soft, breathing thing, which he looked in the face and identified as Hugo Stiglitz.

"Sorry, Stig." Donny said sheepishly.

"Just get the fuck off of me!" Hugo, grumpy from being awoken in this manner, jerked his knee up and hit Donny square in the groin.

The Bear Jew groaned and stumbled to his feet, hands over his balls, only pausing at the doorway to glance back at the bed.

Lieutenant Aldo Raine had slept beside him.

"Fuck. Fuck a duck." Donny muttered as he washed his face in the sink. His groin was still sore and so he sat on the toilet as his knees trembled.

It had been an accident, Hugo had had no right to —

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