Diamonds by MFD


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He has left her...but will she have to see him again when his true identity and motives come into question?

Diamonds by MFD

PART 1 Why hadn't she stopped him before he shut the door behind him? why hadnt she grabbed his arm before he left? Now he was gone for good and she had not the slightest hope of his return. She turned from the wet window panes and slowly made her way into the empty kitchen. Everything was exactly the same as a few hours ago but no- everything was vastly changed. suddenly her eyes lighted on an object on the floor. It was a wallet-his wallet that he'd dropped during his stormy exit. She picked it up and glanced out to the dreary street. no, he was not coming back. she bit her lip, and murmured, "Do i wait for him, or do i go after him?" Absently she opened the black wallet and ran her fingers through the contents. She smiled at his driver's license; that was before he'd got his hair cut. There was something behind his driver's license probably insurance or something. She pulled it out and her face changed. it was a small packet with the messy words: AGENT JONES She set the wallet on the table and sat down holding the packet in front of her. Agent jones as in Michael Jones? Her Jones? inside the packet were lots of tiny papers with messages scrawled on them. one said: Meet outside bar, 25th avenue, tonight. another: Browns caught, stay low. One made her gasp, it said: get way from the girl, ASAP. "The girl? as in me?" she cried. "what in the world does this all mean?" Knocking over the chair she stood up and, grabbing her coat, rushed outside.

PART 2 The whir of a motor rushed past, followed by a spray of muddy water on her already drenched coat. She had been trying to hail a taxi for hours it seemed. Her feet felt like they were in the Pacific and her hair couldn't have been wetter had it been dunked in a bucket of water. She had been to every hotel in the area, none had had a Michael Jones check in that day. "Well, looks like Im gonna have to walk home," she sighed, "not like i could get any wetter." She began making her way down the sidewalk, trying to avoid the muddy puddles and rivulets. The streets were mostly deserted of pedestrians, so it shocked her when she nearly ran into a man coming round a corner of a store. "Ow! Sorry," she cried. The man was about to apologize as well when he

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