Devils Bleed Black
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Devils Bleed Black

"This isn't what I was promised."

With the truth delivered, and the case closed, Kudo Shinichi couldn't help but dwell on the final, half-whispered words of the man who had been lead away into the patrol car,

a bitter expression on his face.

It wasn't the first time that a culprit of one of the cases he'd solved had been more than a little disgruntled at having been caught- in fact,

he'd more than gotten used to such things in all the years that he had been working as a detective. Rather, it was the words themselves that bothered him.

This isn't what I was promised.

There had been no evidence, of course, of anyone else being involved in the murder.

The man was being blackmailed, and in order to escape it, he had decided to take the life of the one who was blackmailing him, disguising it to look like an accident.

It almost had the police fooled- until Inspector Megure decided to call in private detective and police consultant, Kudo Shinichi, that was.

No sooner than he had arrived, did he find several things about the scene that were out of place, all of them hinting towards the fact that this was no accident- but a murder.

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