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Devil May Have Fun

Vergil’s Present

I enter Devil May Cry for the first time in two weeks after being on a job with Lady. The place is dark and silent so Dante must be out.

I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping he’d be here to help me relax.

‘Oh, well, I’ll just have to settle with having a bath.’ I think to myself.

After having a nice long soak in the bath I go and lay down on my back on the bed in the spare room wrapped in a towel to dry naturally.

I must fall asleep for a while, as I wake to feel the towel being unwrapped from around me. I don’t bother moving or opening my eyes as I’m perfectly content to let Dante have his way with me.

I gasp slightly as the cool air hits my warmed flesh. I feel masculine lips start kissing my neck, which is exposed due to my hair still being wrapped in a second towel.

I moan as his hand gently roams over my breasts and down my stomach.

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