Devil May Cry Bf/Gf Scenario's
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Devil May Cry Bf/Gf Scenario's

You grinned as you plopped down in your gaming chair. Devil May Cry 3 and 4 had been on sale that day, and being a fan of the series you just had to get them.

You in your haste to open the first case had failed to notice a piece of sharp plastic sticking out of the side.

You hissed in pain as blood came out of your finger, hitting the disk compartment, some of it even getting inside of your playstation. You sucked your finger as you left to find a bandage.

When you came back you tried to play your games, key word being

. You growled as both games refused to work, and out of anger you hit the top of your playstation. Your t.v. screen went white, as did you.

You felt sick to your stomach, like you where weightless, and it made you want to throw up. Then you felt something suck at you, like a vacuum and dirt.

You screamed as you fell through a gray sky, into a dreary world, that looked to be half in ruins. Not that it mattered at this point you were about to die.

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