Destined for Greatness (Or Madness)
Destined for Greatness (Or Madness) uh should i tag everyone else they're all here stories

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A short story by lameassmadeupmaidenname adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Destined for Greatness (Or Madness)

Claude knew how she felt. The real world had been taking a toll on him as well. They never told you in school how stressful it was to be an adult.

It was nice to forget about it and take a day to just celebrate.

Claude fumbled in his pocket for his phone. He needed to record a moment of this day, thinking this would be a good one to relive again and again.

Berger spotted this and bounded over closer to him. “Vine?” he asked.

Claude nodded, opening the video function to record. He smiled when he saw the pride flags he'd painted on his face – he'd forgotten they were there.

Berger flung his arm around Claude's shoulders. “Six seconds,” Claude reminded him – Berger could talk a lot, but the attention spans of Vine users were not meant for Berger's long talks.

Berger planted a sloppy kiss on Claude's cheek, then held up two fingers in a peace sign, his arm still around Claude's shoulders. “Happy Pride,” Berger said, “and God bless the US-fucking-A.”

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