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A fiction by maeryn_skye adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


~~~Friday Night~~~

Gareth stood by the buffet table and checked out what was available.

The cast was finally getting a break from filming season one of "Torchwood", and what better way to celebrate a long weekend than to start it with a party for the cast and crew.

The past six weeks had been amazing, but everyone was exhausted and ready for some down time.

Gareth had done the mingling thing and the drinking thing and was now contemplating the fact that he better eat something before he drank any more.

He wasn't drunk yet, but he was definitely feeling a bit light-headed. As he reached for a plate, he heard a lovely, elegant voice behind him. "So you're my competition..."

Gareth didn't recognize the voice and turned to see who it belonged to.

The man in question was just as lovely and elegant as his voice sounded - tall, well-built, sandy blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes - Gareth definitely didn't recognize him.

He surely would have remembered seeing this beauty before. A little voice in his head tried to remind Gareth that he was straight and shouldn't be thinking

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