Despatches from the Weevil...
Despatches from the Weevil... fanfiction stories

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Despatches from the Weevil...

Admiral Pellew, reading a casualty notice in the Naval Chronicle, over breakfast with his companion, Capt. Kennedy.

"Damn me, Archie, if Hornblower hasn't broken another one!"

"Well, that proves it, the man can't keep a servant intact for a month at a time... Could you pass the marmalade, Edward? "

"I could send him Smith. Smith darns a lovely pair of socks, and has the mouth of an angel..."

"...and you have your elbow in the butter again, my dear... thank you. It's no good sending Smith. It's a waste of a perfectly good fuck.

Poor Doughty used to write in despair at least once a week. The fifth best top in the British Navy, and Horatio only wanted to know if he could make a good cup of coffee..."

"Now, I know who the first and second are, but who...?"

"John Carter, fore-top-man on the Old Reliant, and Cochrane, when he's sober.. but don't interrupt.

Doughty did everything he could to complete his mission short of stripping to his bare hide with 'ahoy there, Cap'n, bend over, and grab yer ankles!' painted on his chest!"

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