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Such a thought was flashing in her mind the second she got up and after realizing the situation she had been at the moment, that was the thing that appeared in her mind.

Looking at the man beside her that sleep tightly for maybe the first time since many nights...

And looking at herself that currently didn't presentable because of her naked body that just covered by a thin sheet that she didn't know where she had gotten.

Well, the man himself was pretty much naked as her.

She bit her lips.

Last night was more than just a night that full of passion. She turned his head to the sleeping man. Her gazed landed in the face.

She extended her hand to touch his hair, but pulled back again a second later.

The man shifted from his laying position and now faced to her side. She looked to the body that had held, hug, embraced her with such heat last night. How lean and sturdy.

How safe she felt to be close to him. Then she moved her eyes to his hand. The long finger, the callouses on it, so big, yet that hand had given a wave to her body that she never knew of.

And she would not allow any other man to give her that kind of feeling again. Not that she had

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