Demons of Silence
Demons of Silence implied/referenced rape/non-con stories

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Demons of Silence

Jarrod left his San Francisco office with plenty of time to get to his townhouse before dark.

It was unwise to be out after dark these days and as he exited his office his eyes nervously darted left and right scanning for any sign of his tormentors.

Sighing with relief, he quickly made his way to the waiting carriage and headed home.

The stress of the last few months were taking a toll and he welcomed the relative safety of the carriage ride.

Unconsciously wrapping his arm around his still sore ribs, he leaned back in his seat and thought back on the start of all his recent trouble.

Almost a year ago, Todd Brewer entered his office and asked Jarrod to represent him on a charge of murder.

After hearing the circumstances of the case and Brewer’s sincerity as he presented the facts, Jarrod didn’t doubt the man’s innocence and worked hard to get him set free.

Jarrod’s diligence was rewarded and Brewer was set free. Within weeks of the trial, previously unknown facts began to drift into Jarrod’s office regarding just what type of man he had set free.

Jarrod was devastated to find out that not only was Brewer probably guilty of killing his coworker, he had been suspect in several other crimes, including numerous assaults on his now dead wife.

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