Demons from the Past
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Demons from the Past

He was floating.. somewhere beyond his consciousness, somewhere between dreams and reality.

It felt like he was discovering the unknown, reaching something that nobody had been able to reach before. He couldn't think of any color, shape or sound.

Here it is - full emptiness, colorful darkness, silent scream - complete harmony.. and he was beginning to understand it, he was sure of it.

It was a pleasant feeling, like he was resting in a very peaceful place where he could stay as long as he wished to, no need to worry about anything else, than his own existence.

His lungs were slowly passing on the precious oxygen to his body, he was full of energy, invincible, self-confident. He believed he could move mountains right now, if he just wished to.

Suddenly, a sharp impulse went down from his head to spine. He stumbled - how was this even possible? He began to fight his own mind.

Many images were appearing in his head - blurred faces seemed like an imprint in his thoughts, muffled sounds, familiar sounds.. something he used to remember.

Old memories scrolling through his mind, like on a film reel, memories so important that they had survived even here - hadn't perished like his other thoughts. No, no..

he had to go back - go back to that amazing feeling he knows only from that place, where everything is so simple, he had to go back..

Then, he felt a delicate breeze on his face, followed by a fast, but tender rush of wind, which began to slightly pushing him forward.

He decided to give up this strange feeling of sensuality and let that unusual stream of wind take him. He relaxed his limbs and drifted away, towards the light..

and the sun was warming up his face.

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