Demon in the Closet
Demon in the Closet aftermath of torture stories

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Demon in the Closet

Kelly: “Russ saved my life.”

Scott: “No, he didn’t, Kel. He was the one who turned you over to Hernandez’ little group in the first place.”

Russ: “I was working for Hernandez – slipping him information under the table. Then he wanted proof that I wasn’t really just a plant for the Department.

He wanted proof that I was really on their side. He asked me to turn over another agent to him. So I gave them you. I’m sorry, Kelly,” he adds, as if that explained something.

Kelly: “How long?”

Russ: “What?”

Kelly: “How long have you been a traitor, Russ?”

Russ: “A long time. I don’t remember.”

Kelly: “You don’t remember. How long had you been working for Hernandez when you gave me to them the first time?”

Russ: “A few months.”

Kelly: “We were partners, Russ. For seven years. We lived for each other. You were closer than a brother to me.”

Russ: “I know. That’s why you were the easiest one for me to turn over to them. You trusted me.”

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