Degrees of Separation
Degrees of Separation jasper (fable) stories

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Degrees of Separation

I'm sobbing.

I'm kneeling in the dirt, in a cave and

"It's alright, Princess." Jasper kneels next to me, attending me even in this awful situation. "It's not forever, I promise you."

would he make me do this!?" I gasp and shriek, fists planted in the dirt. "

"I know this is painful for you." Walter is leaning against a nearby rock formation, looking stormy and bleak. "If you need to scream and cry and carry on, that's what you should do. But

we get out of this blasted cave. Do me this favor, Your Highness."

I try to control my sobbing but it turns into mindless hiccups and pained whimpers instead of disappearing.

Good news, I can get up and walk. Bad news, I'm weak and slow.

I stumble forward with Jasper's hand on my arm, leading me on with a firm but careful grip. "Everything will work itself out in time, my lady." He says.

"I am sure we will be able to resolve all the problems in the kingdom and Logan

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