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Definitely Not Me



The shrilly voice of Sara Verra and overexcited tenor of Harry Devon were cut off by Kurt, who finally found the radio alarm clock’s off button without opening his eyes.

He couldn’t remember why he set his alarm clock for earlier time than usual.

Maybe he wanted to go jogging before work? Groaning, he eased himself from the bed and was sure he wasn’t in the mood for running this morning.

Feeling terrible never justifies

terrible, so Kurt spent the extra time selecting clothes that would improve his mood.

He was buttoning up his deep green shimmery shirt while chewing on a banana when he noticed his AniBot blinking at him.

“Any interesting new emails, Pav?” He asked looking at the slick robotic bird perched on the table. Pavarotti was his personal favourite prototype of AniBots – animal-shaped toy bots.

They were mainly sold as toys but could be very useful with the proper software installed.

There was only this one model of Pavarotti so far, but Kurt was determined to convince his bosses to include it in the new official line of AniBots for the next year.

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