Defense of the Apartments
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Defense of the Apartments

Karroch is at a party.

To be completely fair, there’s almost always a party happening in the Radiant Apartment -- either for trivial reasons that really didn’t warrant anything more than a pat on the back,

or for holidays that stuffed way too many people into one suite and kept the doors open for hours.

New tenant parties were always the biggest, though. Everyone seemed to flock to the second floor, propping their doors open with chairs or stacks of mismatched books.

People would set out food in their kitchens and pile six-packs of shitty beer against the hallway walls for anyone to grab.

Most of the suites were similar enough that navigating someone else’s was never an issue, and almost no one actually ended up hanging out in their own apartment for more than a few moments.

An iPhone dock always gets set up somewhere, borrowed from whoever can grab theirs first and fight over plugging it in.

Karroch has seen a few bloody noses from wrestling that’s gone a bit too far, but the victim is always ushered into the nearest bathroom, followed by a mix of concern and laughter.

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