Deepest desire
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Deepest desire

"Shadow, I'm sure we can talk this out," Sonic said, raising his hands in a gesture of surrender while at the same time backing away from the dark hedgehog,

greatly hoping that Shadow wouldn't tear him to shreds like Eggman had predicted he would before he'd thrown them into this tiny room.

However, it seemed as if Shadow didn't even understand him anymore as the dark hedgehog made no sign of acknowledging his words, continuing his approach on him with a strange look on his face.

Sonic felt his back hit the wall, his eyes immediately locking onto his drug-affected rival.

He had no way of getting away from Shadow as the room was simply too small—Shadow could very easily catch him if he wanted to.

There were a mere four feet of distance between them now—and Shadow was gradually lessening this number.

Soon, not even this small amount of space remained—two hands were placed at either side of his head, effectively trapping him between the wall and the ebony agent, who was now

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