Deep Roads
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Deep Roads

It took Grae Hawke a long time to get together enough money to buy her way into Bartrand’s venture into the Deep Roads. Fifty sovereigns.

. Fifty Sovereigns of crawling through sewers, getting ambushed by Tal’Vashoth, doing favours for nobles and just about every citizen of Kirkwall.

Solving mysteries and crime? The Hawke girls are on the case.

Need something delivered? No worries! Need riff raff cleared out of the sewers? What the hell are they even down there for anyway? Surely there is no one else down there to rob.

Do they actually have to live down there? It’s not like crime isn’t prevalent enough to go unnoticed among the rest of the gangs and – never mind. As long as it pays.

She had built quite a reputation in Lowtown and Darktown and picked up new companions that she was becoming attached to.

Varric decided to stick around for the most part, she wasn’t sure why at first,

she thought he might have just been bored but as they walked the streets she realised that he knew just about everyone they came across and was keeping tabs on at least half of them.

As dangerous as some of the alleyways were, Varric would always talk about Kirkwall like it was his family, making it sound like somewhere people might actually

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