Deep Blue Song
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A fan work by shadowofthenight adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Deep Blue Song

Garion sighed and leaned against the short stubby wall that kept their sleeping party out of view of the roads.

The moss and lichen growths prickled his back through the thin travel tunic he was wearing and he closed his eyes for a short moment.

They flew open again however, when he heard the gravel crunching in front of him.

His hand automatically went up to grip the hilt of Riva’s massive sword and then stopped when he saw the one who was making the noise.

Zakath, Emperor of Boundless Mallorea, had changed in the few weeks they’d been on the road to Kell together and Garion found he quite liked it.

The man was quick and amusing, and he smiled more than anyone he had seen.  A slow grin crept its way across his lips, “Couldn’t sleep?”

“Yes.  There seems to be something haunting my dreams again.”  Zakath came to stand beside him, also leaning against the wall.

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