Deeds of Gift
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A written piece by canterville adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Deeds of Gift

The survival of Balem Abrasax is a catastrophic miracle. Decades later, Jupiter Jones still wonders at how it could ever have happened. Then again, they say evil never dies.

Not evil with a miracle cure for age. Time, otherwise, might have sorted Balem out thousands of years ago. Even now, it makes her dizzy to think of how ancient Balem is.

These past years have no doubt been a blink to the immortal creatures that, at any given moment, might pass them by.

Jupiter holds her breath as she steps into the glittering azure light that will take her into what she struggles not to think of as dire peril.

The destruction of his stockworks is no doubt a fresh memory to Balem, and if it has taught him anything, it is that killing her will avail him nothing. So at least there's that.

The feeling of weightlessness is one that Jupiter has never become accustomed to, and she still bristles when she sees Mr.

Night, looking just like he did the night he brought her Balem’s demand that she abdicate. The rat splice stands straight, hands folded against the small of his back.

As the emissary of Balem Abrasax, he’s accustomed to being the target of a certain measure of scorn, and as such, is entirely too unflappable to quail under Jupiter’s cold stare.

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