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fan work by elvirakitties adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Harry watched the two men enter the building he was currently using as his shelter. He could see they were wizards, but they were different than the ones who usually were looking for him.

They didn't have their wands drawn, pointing in front of them like the rest usually did.

He grinned as he watched them move around the bottom floor. They pulled out their wands and began to cast some detection spells.

He waited and watched, he was wondering what spells they were using. Sassa slithered over to him. Sassa was a small blond boa constrictor about a meter long.

~Attack?~ He didn't answer right away, he decided to move to the higher level behind some boxes for a better view, Sassa slithered behind him.

~No, get Silva and Naggy to capture them. They are interesting.~ Harry hissed as he hid behind a huge metal pole. He waited as Sassa delivered her orders.

He saw Naggy, a huge green magical snake, her mother Nagini presented to him when he was about five, move in slowly, as Silva, Sassa's sister, circled around, once in place they moved in.

Quickly wrapping themselves around the men's legs.

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